Estimates are that 273 million people in North America don’t have a relationship with Christ.

When you hear a number like that – and you have a mission that seeks to give every man, woman, and child repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel – you can’t help but want to be involved in seeing that number decrease. One of our ministry partners, The North American Mission Board has identified 32 cities that are heavily unchurched and unchristian – many of the 273 million live in these cities. Their desire is to plant God-honoring, Christ-centered, gospel-proclaiming churches in those cities.

32×25 is Dayspring’s way of being actively involved in seeing those 32 cities and 273 million people come to know Christ. By the year 2025 we plan to partner with a church planter in all 32 cities! As you look over this page, make these cities, churches, and pastors a matter of prayer.


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