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The Seven Feasts

In the days of old, God instructed Israel to participate in a series of celebrations and feasts. In this sermon series we see how it was all part of the genius of God, pointing us to Jesus.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread 2/18/2018

Passover 2/11/2018




Collective Wisdom

The Bible says that those who seek the wisdom of many are doing well. Outside voices help us see and hear what we otherwise might be missing. This sermon series allows the entire church to do this together. Different voices. Different contexts. One God. One gospel.

Buff McNickle 2/4/2018

Chase Alford 1/28/2018

Joseph Gibbons 1/21/2018

Stuart Hall 1/14/2018



When Love Speaks

As we begin a new year, we explore a new command that Jesus gave his disciples. And in doing so, we see that this new command was not just for those disciples, but for all of us who follow Jesus today.

When Love Speaks 1/7/2018

Jesus Is Among Us

God wrapped Himself in human flesh and dwelled among us. What an amazing mystery! In this Christmas  sermon series we dig into the wonder of this great mystery, and learn what it might mean for us today.
David Sings 12/31/2017
Simeon Sings 12/24/2017
Mary Sings 12/10/2017

Lord of Lords

The book of Acts serves as a “part 2” of the gospel of Luke. Picking up where he left off at the end of his gospel, Luke grabs his pen and continues the story … a story that continues even today! This series through Acts is a follow up to the previous series through Luke’s gospel (King of Kings).

No Turning Back 12/3/2017

Put it in Context 11/26/2017

Making it Easy 11/19/2017

A Church That Gets It 11/12/2017

All Cleaned Up 11/05/2017

Showing Compassion 10/29/2017

To Love Someone 10/22/2017

Gladly Scattered 10/15/2017

The Ripple Effect 10/8/2017

Beauty in the Ordinary 10/1/2017

The First Day of Church 9/24/2017

Hello Again 9/17/2017



Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it everytime. Unfortuately, that phrase describes far too many relative to their Christian walk. In this series we examine three critical outcomes that must become a priority for any and every disciple of Jesus.
Explaining 9/10/17
Contributing 9/3/2017
Growing: Part I 8/20/2017
Straight Outta Context

Straight Outta Context

There are certain Bible verses we love to quote, but oftentimes we use them way out of context. In this series we’ll dig into some of those often-quoted verses, considering their intended context. As we do, we might just discover that they have an entirely different meaning that we thought.

Isaiah 53:5 8/6/2017

Jeremiah 29:11 7/30/2017

Matthew 18:20 7/23/2017

Matthew 7:1 7/16/2017

Revelation 3:20 7/9/2017

2 Chronicles 7:14 7/2/2017



There’s a kind of freedom so liberating that you can’t help but burst out into song and celebration. During this Lord’s Supper service, we look to an ancient story of deliverance and learn powerful truths about living life free from that which entangles us.
Freedom 6/25/2017
A Life That Spills Over

A Life that Spills Over

Every life will influence another life … whether we mean for it to or not. So what’s the key to leaving the right kind of legacy? In this message we reflect on what it takes to leave a legacy that won’t rot, spoil or fade.
Frequently Avoided Questions Series Graphic

Frequently Avoided Questions

There are certain questions we’ve come to avoid in church, because they’re either too touchy or too difficult. In this series, we seek biblical answers to these frequently avoided questions. And in doing so we’re reminded that God is full of truth and grace!

10:30am service – What About the Other Questions 6/11/2017

9:00am service – What About the Other Questions 6/11/2017

What About Those Who’ve Never Heard of Jesus 6/4/2017

What About Homosexuality 5/28/2017

What About Politics & the Church 5/21/2017

What About Only One Way to Heaven 5/14/2017

What About Hell 5/7/2017

What About Losing my Salvation 4/30/2017

What About Divorce 4/23/2017

King of Kings

King of Kings

A long time ago, a guy named Luke had some good news to share with his friend. So he wrote this good news down and sent it along. But as it turns out, it was more than just that. It was God writing His good news to us! This sermon series works through Luke’s Gospel, the third book of the New Testament.

A Picture of Good News 4/16/2017

The Rejection of the King 4/9/2017

Coming Clean 4/2/2017

Up on the Mountain 3/26/2017

Delivering Hope 3/19/2017

A Far Away Land 3/12/2017

Dinner with Jesus 3/5/2017

Mercy Over Sacrifice 2/26/2017

Come, follow me 2/19/2017

Tempted in the desert  2/12/2017

Jesus Takes the Plunge   2/5/2017

Looking For Jesus  1/29/2017

To You, From Me  1/22/2017

Brave Enough

Brave Enough

Concluding a weekend of intense discipleship for students, our guest speaker spends the morning now addressing adults. This sermon specifically speaks to adults who’ve been entrusted with influence over children and teenagers.

Brave Parenting  1/15/2017

Brave Enough


What’s in a name? A lot actually. In this message, we consider the significance of the name we bear as a congregation. And we’re left with some things we need to think about every time we see or hear it.

Dayspring 1/8/17



If your “future self” from next year’s day showed up and talked to you today, what do you suppose he/she would say? This sermon helps us focus on some important spiritual outcomes that we will surely want to see realized one day.

Rewind  1/1/17

Savior of the World

Savior of the World

In this series we dig into a prophecy about Jesus, spoken 700+ years before his birth. And what we discover is that these ancient words have rich meaning for our lives today.

Everlasting Father 12/18/16

Mighty God 12/11/16

Wonderful Counselor 12/4/16

Story of the One

Story of the One

The Old Testament is full of stories. They’re interesting for sure. But what’s truly interesting is that each and every story is actually someone else’s story. Each story is pointing to the story of Another. In fact, they’re all pointing to the same One.

The One and Only 11/29/16

The Truer & Better Healer 11/20/16

The Truer & Better Bridegroom 11/13/16

The Truer & Better Rock of Salvation 11/6/16

The Truer & Better Jonah 10/30/16

The Truer & Better Israel 10/23/16

The Truer & Better Abel 10/16/16

The Truer & Better Adam 10/9/16

The Love of Christ

The Love of Christ

When it comes to love, we have an instinctive awareness that the grander the love, the better. Well, the love of Christ is bigger than we can even imagine. Yet we can know this unimaginable love. In this series we explore how high and wide and long and deep is the love of Christ.

The Deep Love of Christ 10/02/16

The Wide Love of Christ 9/25/16

The High Love of Christ 09/18/16

The Long Love Of Christ 09/11/16

Savior of the World

For the Sake of the World

What would you do if God spoke to you and asked, “Would you go wherever I lead you?” Well, this very thing happened to one of our Dayspring families. Listen to hear how it played out.

For the Sake of the World 09/04/16

The Christian Life for Dummies

The Christian Life for Dummies

If someone grew up in the same house as Jesus, they’d probably have a good idea of how a Christian ought to live, right? Well, James grew up with Jesus. And he wrote a letter to us about what Christian living should look like. This sermon series is a study through that letter.

Prayer 8/28/16

Wealth & Idols 8/21/16

God’s Will 8/14/16

Worldly Wisdom 7/31/16

The Tongue 7/24/16

Saved by Faith 7/17/16

Favortism 7/10/16

Worthless Religion 7/3/16

Temptations 6/26/16

Trials 6/12/16



Josiah 6/19/16
The Christian Life for Dummies

Hello My Name is God

Jesus 6/5/16

El Elyon 5/22/16

Jehovah Tsidkenu 5/15/16

Jehovah Nissi 5/8/16

Jehovah Rapha  5/1/16

Jehovah Jireh 4/24/16

Adonai 4/10/16

Jehovah 4/3/16

Elohim 3/27/16



Heir 2/14/16

Friend 2/7/16

Saint 1/31/16

Family 1/24/16

Image Bearer 1/17/16

Summer School

Summer School

Eschatology 8/2/15

Ecclesiology 7/26/15

Zoeology 7/19/15

Pneumatology 7/12/15

Soteriology 7/5/15

Christology 6/28/15

Anthropology & Hamartiology 6/21/15

Theology  6/14/15

Bibliology 6/7/15