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What We Believe

We believe in the Triune God of the Bible as expressed through:

  • God the Father, the creator of the Universe who is sovereign over the affairs of all that has been created. He is love, and therefore has the great desire to be in a peaceful relationship with mankind. Our proper response to Him is one of submission, gratitude, and praise.

  • God the Son, with God before the foundation of the world, came to earth through a virgin birth taking on human form for the purpose of redeeming mankind from sin. His sin-free life and death on a cross provided the way of redemption for fallen humanity. His bodily resurrection provided the authority for Him to offer eternal life to all who would believe. He has now ascended back to heaven, where he prepares a place for those who belong to him. One day He will return to usher in the end of the world, where He will judge all humanity as to their faith in Him.

  • God the Holy Spirit, with God before the foundation of the world, is given to each believer as a guarantee of their salvation. His work in our lives is to conform us into the likeness of Jesus Christ and to reveal the truths of Scripture. The Holy Spirit indwells those who believe in Jesus, giving them direction, joy, gifting, discernment, and the ability to walk as Jesus did.We believe salvation from sin is the great need of every person. God offers salvation as a gift of grace to all who place their faith in Jesus Christ as the source of their salvation.
We believe the Bible is the revealed word of God. It serves as our only source of absolute truth. It is infallible in its content, trustworthy in its teaching, and perfect in its application. We believe in the Church as the representation of Jesus to our world. With Christ as the head, believers are brought into the Church as parts of a spiritual body, each with a specific function and role to benefit the church. The purpose of our church is to provide every man, woman, and child with repeated access to the Gospel. The greater body of Christ is represented all across the globe through local churches. God calls pastors to lead His church, to equip the members for their roles in fulfilling the above purposes, and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in the priesthood of the believer. With the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and the restoration of our relationship with God, each believer is capable of communication with God on his/her own. We believe upon conception all humans are given eternal souls and deserve an opportunity to live. If a person places his/her faith in Jesus, then his/her eternal destiny is in a literal heaven. If a person does not place his/her faith in Jesus, then his/her eternal destiny is in a literal hell. Because God is a God of grace, his desire is that every man, woman, and child would embrace his offer of salvation. (Dayspring’s doctrinal beliefs are consistent with those of our partnering denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. For a more exhaustive statement of faith, see the current Baptist Faith & Message)