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Middle School & High School

9am (HS) | 10:30am (MS)

Each week our students will meet for small groups in the Shack on Sunday mornings. Our HS students meet at 9am and our MS students meet at 10:30am. Students begin the hour hanging out in the cafe and game room area where snacks are sold and served. Then they move to large group where the Bible is taught in a way that obviously intersects with their phase of life. After this, students break down the lesson and have meaningful conversations in their small groups. We will serve a free breakfast once a month so pay attention to our schedule to see when and what we will be serving!!

Crew Nights

CREW NIGHTS are designed specifically for your student to get connected with their small group while having an insane amount of fun. All of the fun will culminate in a time of large group worship and a timely message for our students. From content to activities these events are geared specifically for HS and MS students!! Most of our Crew Nights will be from 5-8pm at the Shack and MS/HS specific. “All-in” Crew Nights will be indicated on the seasonal schedules and may vary with time and location.

Hang Nights

We LOVE seeing the community that develops on these nights. Times and locations for Hang Nights will vary based on the small group.  This could be a group outing to the movies, dinner, nail salon – you name it!  Your student’s small group leader will be communicating the details with you and your student.  You may also, contact the student office if you need clarification or more info on a particular hang.

“We will not underestimate you here.”

The Shack is where students hang out for small groups and special events. While most of our programing takes place here, the core of our ministry is made up of leaders who believe the world desperately needs the heart of the young. We desire to see a wave of influencers find their crew, fall in love w/ their creator, and fuel their purpose.


Your Crew


In Love With Your Creator


Your Purpose

Parent Resources:

Download our current calendar by clicking the icon below or pick one up in the Shack.   If we can help you in any way please contact the Student Ministry Office at (251) 633-0250 or email cwyatt@dayspring.churchcw. For additional parenting helps follow this link to a trusted partner in youth ministry and parenting.

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Clay Wyatt

Student Pastor

Clay serves as Dayspring’s student pastor which involves the oversight of all ministries involving middle and high schoolers: Formerly, Clay served as an associate student pastor at a church in Trussville, Alabama. He also writes student ministry curriculum for the youth organization YM360. A native of Albany, Georgia, he holds degrees from the University of Mobile and Beeson Divinity School. He joined Dayspring’s staff in July of 2020.

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