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Sundays 9.15am & 10:30am

Small Groups – Birth to K5 | Praise Workshop – 3’s to K5

On Sunday mornings, preschoolers gather in small groups according to age groups. Praise Workshop is the Large Group portion of the Small Group time. During this portion, the older preschoolers come together out of their individual groups to hear the truth of God’s Word, which is taught in an exciting and interactive manner. And through worship and song, they are encouraged to openly express their love for who God is and praise Him for all He has created.

Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Childcare – Birth to 2’s | Preschool Music – 3’s to K5 (must be 3 years of age by Sept. 1)

The Preschool Ministry at Dayspring is a fun and safe environment where preschoolers can take a first look at who God is and understand 3 things:

God Made Me Poster
God Loves Me Poster
Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Poster

Parent Resources:

Parent Time
Birth – Toddler: Monthly Handout, provided on Sunday mornings

Parent Time Extended
Toddlers: Monthly Handout, provided on Sunday mornings

Small Talk
2’s – K5: Monthly Handout, provided on Sunday mornings

Bible Verse Magnets
2’s – K5: Monthly Handout, provided on Sunday mornings

2’s – K5
This is a great tool for parents to reinforce the monthly theme and messages from Sunday mornings. Designed to sit on the table all month long, this placemat/play mat gives parents easy access to the month’s key question and bottom line as well as questions to ask each week and hand motions to the Bible verse. Provided on the first Sunday of each month.

Parent Cue App
Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android App Market
Push Notifications will “CUE” you daily to lead your preschooler and partner with the church. You will also find the each week’s Bible Story Video that preschoolers see on Sundays.

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Julie Northcutt - Director of Preschool Ministries

Director of Preschool Ministries

Julie serves as the Director of Preschool Ministries at Dayspring, which involves coordinating all ministries for preschoolers, as well as the Summer Daycamp for Children. Julie has lived in Mobile most of her life and has served on staff at Dayspring since 2000.