Student Life Camp 2018

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1st – 5th Grade

Where kids hang out on Sundays and Wednesday nights.


I need to make the wise choice.


I can trust God no matter what.


I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


9:00 and 10:30 am

On Sundays, kids experience small group time with peers and an incredible Small Group Leader who brings the Bible story to life.  Kids also attend a large group experience with skits, upbeat kid-style worship, and a bite-sized, interactive story from the Bible.  Each month we focus on one major biblical character quality, with one basic truth to learn each week.



6:15-7:30 pm

On Wednesdays, kids have a blast praising God at “Creative Kids.”  Here, kids learn worship songs and dance moves that they’ll present for family and friends in our annual Spring Musical.  After they practice, kids enjoy a loud, energetic time to play large group games.  We top it off with a special quiet moment where kids gather in small groups, where adult leaders encourage them and pray over them.



We believe in partnering with Parents to help kids become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.  Here are some ways we do that.

1st Sunday each Month

Parent Cues are small guides we pass out at the end of each worship hour.  The Parent Cue shows Parents what kids are learning in the Grove each week for that month. It also provides creative ways Parents can engage in spiritually rich conversations with their kids about Bible stories and truths.

Every Sunday

We want our kids to build a habit of daily Bible study, so they will know God’s word.  That’s why every Sunday we give out God Time devotionals.  These devotionals provide 4, age appropriate Bible studies that will help kids develop the discipline of daily time in God’s word.  These devotionals build on top of what kids learned on Sunday.

Once Quarterly, 6:15-7:30 pm

Raise the Roof is about helping Parents raise those under their roof, and we have a great time doing that!  It has two segments, “Parents Only” and “Family Time.”  “Parents Only” is a parent coaching seminar for anyone raising kids; during this segment children will attend Creative Kids.  “Family Time” is where kids and Parents come together and experience a fun, interactive family challenge, kid-friendly worship, and a meaningful time we call Family Chat & Prayer.

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Under the weather?  On vacation?  Missed church?

There’s a free family experience that helps your kiddo catch what he or she missed at church.  Visit anytime to give your kids an online experience that matches what we discussed at church.  This website is totally safe and very fun for kids!

Billie Dantzler – Children’s Pastor

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