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Who We Are

Our Story:

In 1997, a group of people decided to take a leap of faith and start a new congregation in West Mobile. Finding a temporary meeting place on Cody Road, the church was officially launched. Borrowing from Luke 1:77-79, this new congregation took on the name Dayspring.

Today, Dayspring meets on their own 30-acre campus at 2200 Cody Road S in Mobile. The dreams of that early cluster of believers is alive and well as the people of Dayspring actively spread hope and light across their region and beyond.

Our Mission:

After his resurrection, Jesus made it clear that his followers were now the agents of the same exact mission on which he had been sent (see John 20:21). Jesus went on to explain to them that their participation in this mission would have no boundaries (see Acts 1:8).

Therefore, we understand our mission to be such:
To make sure that every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to see and hear the Gospel.

The realization of this mission will require geographical intentionality, coordination and cooperation between congregations, and the participation and resources of every person who belongs to the body of Christ.